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As good as a monkey...

I made my picks, and I got half of them right.  That's as good as a monkey would do flipping a coin.  If you have followed football this year and looked at the 'experts' making their picks, most of them have gotten less than 50% of them right.  That's the beauty of the NFL.  You really can't predict what will happen reliably.

I can't believe that the Pats came back to win against San Diego.  I thought that the Pats did not play their best game, but they made the plays when they had to.  When Brady threw that last interception, I thought the game was over.  When Troy Brown forced the fumble and the Pats recovered, I knew that they would win.  Somehow, someway.  Tom Brady didn't play his best, but he made the plays when he had to.  Wow.  I can't wait until next weekend to watch them against the Colts.  If they win, I am on to Miami.

Since I was half wrong, I'll revise my picks.  I'll take the Patriots over the Colts and the Saints over the Bears (the Saints looked great).  And, of course, the Pats will beat the Saints in Miami.

Go Pats!


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